Junior Suite apartment

Junior Suite apartment

"Comfortel" - Junior Suite apartment. "Comfortel" - apartments are suitable...



The “Comfortel” apartments are situated in the cultural and historical center of...



Private apartments “Comfortel”, Odessa, Ukraine.


With a great pleasure we can offer you our "Comfortel" apartments in Odessa for long-term rent and for pay by the day rent, that are situated in the historical center of the city. Rent of the accommodation in the center is in a great demand among the people who need to be in the center of the city near the main sights of culture and history, where a lot of shops and numerous restaurants are situated. We believe that comfortable rooms, homelike cosiness and pleasant atmosphere will be the main advantages of our apartments for rent (Odessa) and due to that you’ll be glad to come again. A flexible pricing mechanism that is more flexible than in hotels gives you an opportunity to rent apartments for good price.


To rent private apartments in Odessa, in comparison with an opportunity to rent a flat in Odessa or to rent a room in a hotel is relatively new service in the rental-accommodation market. When you decide to rent apartment in "Comfortel" for twenty-four hours term or for long term, you’ve got an excellent opportunity to appreciate our service, to feel the same comfort, peace and quiet like if you rent a flat in Odessa.


If you travel in a big company and you are looking for several apartments for rent in Odessa, you don’t have to bother about the distance between apartments. All “Comfortel” apartments are placed in one building and we can provide hospitality and comfortable accommodation for a big family or company of travellers.


Depending on each room entry our apartments are suitable for rent by the day and for long-term rent. Flexible price policy is more loyal than in hotels of Odessa. That gives you a chance to rent a room for a good price.


When you plan to have a vocation in Odessa, business trip or you are interested to rent apartment in Odessa – choose “Comfortel” apartments. This is an advantageous alternative of accommodation. So, mini-hotels and private apartments in Odessa are excellent place for your rest.