Junior Suite apartment

Junior Suite apartment

"Comfortel" - Junior Suite apartment. "Comfortel" - apartments are suitable...

Junior Suite apartment

Junior Suite apartment

Comfortel apartments. Picture of Junior Suite apartments. Junior Suite apartment is bigger and...




Rules in private apartments "Comfortel"

  1. Settling in private apartments is made at presentation of the passport or other identification paper.
  2. Payment for the accommodation must be made upon check in accordance with the established tariffs or pre bookings.
  3. Checkout time in apartments «Comfortel» – 12.00 hours
  4. If apartments are free in day of settling, guests move into at any time if are occupied, after 14:00 hours.

    At the early settlement the payment in the following sizes is raised:

    • no more than 2 hours before settling (14:00) — it is free
    • from 2 to 6 hours to checkout time (14:00) — hourly payment;
    • From 6 hours before settling (14:00) — the payment for full days is raised.

    When prolongation of terms their stay will be charged at the following rates:

    • no more than 6 hours after checkout time - hourly payment;
    • from 6 to 12 hours after checkout time - 0.5 days;
    • over 12 hours after checkout time - for full days.

    At residing less than a day (24 hours) the payment is raised in days irrespective of settling time.

  5. In case of prolongation of accommodation in apartments, guests coordinate this question with the management.
  6. With the knowledge of management and at the request of residents of the apartments there can be unathorized persons. Stay of unathorized persons is authorized till 22:00.
  7. Living it isn't allowed to leave guests during the absence in apartments or to pass them the keys without notice the managements of apartments.
  8. Guests must follow the rules of of public order.Is able to contain the room, answering all to health and fire-prevention regulations, and also Construction Norms and Regulations requirements.
  9. After 22:00 to keep quiet.
  10. For safety it isn't allowed to smoke indoors or in the territory "Сomfortel", except a balcony on the 3rd floor and a porch at an entrance. For smoking in apartments a penalty of 400 UAH.
  11. When you exit the apartment it is necessary: to close windows and cranes; to turn off the light and the TV; to close a door.
  12. Guests are forbidden to keep in apartments of animals and birds.
  13. It is forbidden to bring and store in apartments of a thing, materials and subject matters which are dangerous to a life, health of citizens, as well as to store property (the weapon, an ammunition, explosive or narcotic substances)
  14. Guest bears material liability for loss or damage of property of apartments and is obliged to compensate losses in a full size on the basis of the act of material damage.
  15. For the spoiled towels or bed linen the payment corresponding to their cost (spots from coffee, wine, beer, chocolate, fruit, berries, lipstick, ink and other hard washed substances) is raised.
  16. At loss of keys from apartments and an entrance door the guest is obliged to compensate money for replacement of cores of locks and production of 5 keys from an entrance door.
  17. At the working conditioner don't leave open a window. Penalty of 200 UAH.
  18. The living has to hand over at departure apartments to the management.
  19. In the case of freaquent violations of internal rules of accommodation in private apartments Comfortel that leads to loss of property and as creates inconveniences for other guests, the management has the right to refuse the settlement or to dissolve the contract (to carry out eviction).


At placement in apartments «Comfortel» possibly collection from guests of pledge. The sum depends on accommodation term, but not less than 200 UAH.





Rules of early termination of the contract


  1. Early termination of lease agreement apartments (1 month) must notify the administration about the early eviction for two weeks for follow delivery of apartments. The rent for the current month is not returned. In case of early eviction without warning, rent-free for 2 weeks accommodation of a deposit as payment of lost benefits.

  3. At short-term rent of apartments guests warn administration about need of early eviction not less than for the 3rd days. In case of the prevention less than the 3rd days, the rent comes back only on condition of settling of apartments by other guests minus overhead costs.

  5. Case of early termination the lease agreement at prices lower than contained in the section price (contract price), the rent is recalculated at the prices mentioned in section prices and the remaining amount is returned to the conditions specified in n2.