Apartment with 1 bedroom

Apartment with 1 bedroom

Comfortel. Picture of apartment with one bedroom. Apartment with one bedroom is a good...

Apartment with 1 bedroom

Apartment with 1 bedroom

"Comfortel". Apartment with one bedroom consists of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. If...





Booking terms and conditions in the apartment "Komfortel»


    In agreeing to arrival at the apartment the apartment "Komfortel" 5% discount. Coordination of arrival is prior to arrival clarification, which takes into account load density apartments.     

    when booking 3 to 5 days a discount of 5%.     

    bookings of 6 to 14 days of discount of 10-15%, depending on the name of the apartment and agreed with the property.      

    When booking more than 14 days of discount of 20%.      

    When booking discount of 5% for the coordination of the date of arrival in conjunction with any discount for booking one of the options.     

    system of discounts operates year-round.     

    discount system does not cover the cost of fees for additional sleeping space.     

    Guests who re-booked apartments receive a permanent 10% discount, which is valid for bookings of one day, when they settle not less than once a month.